MAMA KITENGE is an african inspired slow and ethical fashion brand. 

This brand is daring, fun, wild, chic... for fond of traveling and young in spirit people.

It was born and lives for those people who are seduced by exotic, cosmopolitan and sensitive to art and handcraft, people seekin their own style, fearless to differ.


Mama kitenge is, mostly, passion for fusion. Fusion between different styles and cultures: wild fusion with a touch os sophistication, always around WAX fabrics.

It offers limited edition fashion clothes and accessory line.

Versatile garment, practical and confortable, whose main feature is the color ir provides to your outfit.

Thoroughly handmade process, own designs and local fabrication.


SLOW FASHION philosofy for Mama Kitenge it is important to promote responsible

and aware consumption, wagering for local work, limited edition and handmade production.











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